Portable Storage Bin Rentals

  • In The Southwest Ohio Cincinnati - Dayton Region

Rent A Portable Storage Bin

Also referred to as "Pigs" or "Guppies", our portable storage bins are available for rent. Bob’s Moraine Trucking has several 4,100 Cubic Feet portable storage bins available for rent to store cement or cement related products on your site. Having extra loads of storage on site will allow a job to continue running regardless of traffic hold ups or loading delays. It also helps to avoid demurrage charges or returning a partially emptied load back to the shipper because of a full bin situation. All storage bins are equipped with a 440 volt 3 phase electric blower package. Customer will be responsible for supplying the electric to run the blower and manpower to unload the portable silo’s contents into the customer’s bin. Customer is to supply hook up and disconnect of electric by certified electrician. Customer must supply stable footing of no less than 14’x56’ and sufficient ground stabilization for up to 320,000lbs to place the portable silo on.